Town Services: Monthly expenses to consider when purchasing a home in Upton, Wyoming

Water: $14.50 for the 1st 1000 gallons the $2.60 for each additional 1000 gallons

Sewer: $18.00

Garbage: $22.50 (expect increases July 2015)

Tap fees for new construction:

Water $1,800 for 3/4 inch line and $2,200 for 1 inch line

Sewer $$475

Building permit fees are set by the planning and zoning and based on square footage. (An average size garage can run about $45)

You can stop by town hall @ 725 2nd St. Upton, WY 82730 or call (307) 468-2441 to get details on how to obtain and fill out a building packet.

There seems to have been lots of talk these days in Wyoming about the EPA cracking down on small towns and the way they treat solid and water waste. Many area dumps are closing causing added expenses to haul garbage to far out facilities. EPA is also tightening regulations on Waste Water discharge.  Some small towns like Ranchester have been needing to update old equipment which costs can eventually trickle down to citizens.

Thanks for reading… hope your real estate transactions all go smoothly!!

Stephanie Rolfson . Ridge Realty . 307-756-2740 . . 4 Ridge Road, Moorcroft, WY 82721


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