Drilling for Water in Wyo

At the Campbell County Board of Realtor’s meeting (CCBOR) on Tuesday, January 20, 2015, we had special guests from the Wyoming Water Well Contractors Licensing Board (WWCB). They shared some valuable information with the members. Thought I would pass on some of the info from my notes and you can also visit the link below to find out more.

The WWCB was formed to protect ground water by instituting safety measures and educate the drillers and installers to abide by these standards and be licensed by the board.

Required setbacks from well head are important. Livestock must be fenced out at least 50 feet and septic tank leach fields are required to be 100 feet back. She had some interesting photos of cattle hanging out just beside a well head. Wells in the above mentioned conditions can be at risk for ground water contamination and will be required to be abandoned… this can be a very expensive mistake.

There were no requirements for permitting wells before 1969 so rarely are there any records of wells drilled before this time with the state. You may file a permit for a well that was known to be drilled prior to this date and there are ways to evaluate existing wells to find depth and other facts, but the methods of obtaining the info can be quite costly.

All well drillers and pump installers must be licensed to perform duties in Wyoming, one exception is if you are doing the work for yourself.

Water rights run with the land and change in well ownership can be accomplished by locating permit # with a deed, and there is no fee.

Shared wells: it was recommended that there be an agreement drawn up to protect your rights to the water.

Here is a link to their website and the WWCB can be reached for questions at 307.857.4169


Thanks for Reading Stephanie, Ridge Realty . 307-756-2740 . http://www.ridgerealty.net . 4 Ridge Road, Moorcroft, WY 82721


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